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Welcome to the Beaverton FTC League

Beaverton League Play Participants,


First, an introduction.  My name is Craig Barton and I am the League Manager for the Beaverton League Play Meets.  I am a mentor for Team 7013 Hot Wired–my youngest son graduated last year, so after seven years in FTC I’m now helping out a little more from the sidelines.  Our team hosted League Play the last two years, so we are fortunate to have some experience doing this, but I know we will face our share of challenges this year–please bear with me as we all learn and grow together.

There’s a lot of information here, so please read the message in its entirety.

First, your action items:

  1. Please respond to me with an email to let me know that you have received this communication and that I have the best email address for you.  Please state which team (or teams) you represent.  Also let me know if you would like me to add a second representative for your team(s) on the distribution of these emails.
  2. Please communicate this message throughout your team as you see appropriate.
  3. Volunteers:  We are always looking for volunteers, so please encourage your team (likely the parents mostly) to contact me if they would be able to volunteer.


If you are planning to volunteer, please register on VIMS so that FIRST can run the necessary background checks.  In addition, there will be a training event this Saturday for some of the key roles, so people wanting to be Referees, Inspectors, FTAs, and Scorekeepers should plan to attend the training (there will be online training/certification and potentially training by phone as well).

  • We don’t yet have an FTA.  The FTA ideally is not affiliated with any team; however, the League Meets are relatively informal (as compared to the League Championships, SuperQualifiers, and State Championship) so if you have a fair, technically gifted parent/mentor who would like to help I would be grateful for their contact information and your suggestion to them that they volunteer.
  • We can use more inspectors.  Inspectors can be affiliated with a team.
  • If you know anyone definitely not affiliated with any team who wants to be a referee or has been one in the past, we could use them to cover for those events where one of our other referees can’t make it.
  • Assistant Scorekeeper – can be affiliated with a team.
  • Score Trackers for the corner goals – can be affiliated with a team.


  • When:  Saturdays, Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3, and Dec 17, all from 2pm-6pm
  • Where:  Conestoga Recreation Center, 9985 SW 125th Beaverton, OR 97008
  • Food:  The Conestoga Rec Center has a policy of no food or drink in the gym (water is fine).  Please plan accordingly.
  • Safety Glasses:  Safety glasses are required in the Pits, in the near vicinity of the Pits, and surrounding the competition field.  Since the Pit Tables will be arranged around the edge of the gym with the competition field and audience seating in the middle, we will need YOUR HELP to both provide safety glasses for all of your team members and coaches/mentors, as well as to police the use of safety glasses in these spaces.  We will NOT be providing extra safety glasses.  If your team shows up without safety glasses, we will ask you to send an adult from your team to retrieve or purchase safety glasses before you will be allowed to check in.  Thanks for your understanding of this very important point.
  • Schedule:  Since we are limited on time on the days of the event, we will be starting at 2pm sharp.  For the first event on Nov 5, we will not be having a full competition.  Besides learning from each other and getting familiar with the Velocity Vortex challenge, the goal of this first event is to make sure everyone is up and running with the new technology, and to get a jump on inspection.  We will try to get each team to be able to participate in a couple of scrimmages.  The remaining three events will be conducted as standard League Play Meets, with Inspection and five matches for every team.  On Nov 5, expect ~15 minutes to get setup, ~60 minutes for hardware/software/field inspection, and then scrimmage matches for the remainder of the event.  Remember, there are no championship brackets at League Play for any of our four events, as well as no judging or awards.
  • Charging Batteries:  Since there are very few electrical outlets in our facility, there won’t be power run to your Pit Table.  Instead, we plan to have two charging stations where you will bring your batteries and a power strip for charging.  Please make sure your items are labeled.
  • What to Bring Please label anything you bring so that it is more likely to make it home with you after the event.  I know I’m missing something, but here’s a start. This is a partial list, to which I will add more in later updates:
    • Teams MUST bring PRINTED copies of the following items to all FTC League Meets. Teams will provide these items at check-in.
    • Team Roster as printed from TIMS/STIMS (if available).
    • Completed Consent and Release Form for each student or mentor who has not completed the consent forms electronically
    • Safety Glasses
    • Batteries for robot and a powerstrip to plug them into
    • Laptop for programming
    • Spare parts/tools to use to make repairs to your robot in the Pit
    • Safety Glasses (did I already mention that?)

As we develop more details, I will be sending out that information to all of you.  Also, look for emails from Cathy that provide additional information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting all of you and kicking off an exciting new season!

Craig Barton

Beaverton FTC League Manager

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