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2016 Worlds Inspire Finalist

2014 World Champions & 2016 Worlds Inspire Team

Team Members

Alex Yao 2015

Alex Yao

Alex is a senior at Westview High School. His FIRST experience began with Hot Wired’s FTC debut and he quickly fell in love with the hands-on, do-it-yourself attitude as well as the community work. He hopes to use the skills he’s learned in FIRST to benefit communities in the future. Role on the Team: Alex has been a build team leader and a Engineering Notebook inspector, as well as a scouter and repair crew member at competitions.

Gokul Kolady 2015

Gokul Kolady

Gokul is a junior at Westview High School who loves to be creative. His interest in invention and his experience in FIRST have brought him to FTC. He did JFLL for 2 years and FLL for 3 years, getting a chance to go to the World competition with the Lego Technos. He has been part of Hot Wired Robotics from its start. Role on the Team: Over the years, Gokul has led the PTC design team, been a builder, and an Engineering Notebook lead, and is one of the drivers on the drive team at competitions.

Justin Bao 2015

Justin Bao

Justin is a junior at Westview High School who enjoys learning about the world around him, whether science or pop culture. He is one of the main programmers on the team. He has competed in FIRST for seven years and looks forward to having an exciting and enriching FTC season. Role on the Team: Justin is the lead programmer, a lead on the Engineering Notebook, and a lead for robot electronics. At competitions, he helps with inspection and maintenance

Neha 2015

Neha Nagabothu

Neha is a junior at Westview High School. She enjoys building and fixing things, and working with technology. Neha is a builder and the other main live-streamer on the team. She has done FLL for 1 year, and this is her 3rd year of FTC. Neha has enjoyed her experience so far and is looking forward to learning and meeting new people. Role on the Team: Neha is an Engineering Notebook lead, and helps in building and designing.

Prashanth 2015

Prashanth Gopinatth

Prashanth is a junior at Westview High School, and he enjoys robotics and learning about STEM. Prashanth has done 3 years of FLL and 3 years of FTC, and this will be his 7th of FIRST before this year. Every year he learns more things about robotics and hopes to continue to learn more things for the years to come. Role on the Team: Prashanth is a leader of the build & design team on the robot and also helps lead the pit crew during competition.

Pratheek Makineni 2015

Pratheek Makineni

Pratheek is a junior at Sunset High School who likes learning about new scientific discoveries. This is his 4th year doing FTC and he has competed in JFLL for 2 years and FLL for 3 years, reaching the national level with the Lego Technos. He looks forward to learning more and meeting new people throughout the FTC season. Role on the Team: Pratheek is responsible for special electrical wiring soldering and works on the Engineering Notebook. At competition, Pratheek is responsible for leading the scouting team on the field.

Robin Tan 2015

Robin Tan

Robin is a junior at Jesuit High School. He enjoys exploring the principles of physics and artificial intelligence among other areas in engineering. This is Robin’s 4th year doing FTC, and he mainly builds and designs key components of the robot. Joining Hot Wired marked Robin’s beginning to a great passion for robotics and mechanical design. Role on the Team: Robin is the robot design leader for the team, prototyping and constructing major elements of the robots. At competitions, Robin leads the repair crew.

Advaith Nair 2015

Advaith Nair

Advaith is a sophomore attending Westview High School who loves to learn about new technologies and loves to perform in front of a huge audience. In the team, Advaith is a builder, videomaker, and scout. He has been participating in FIRST for 6 years and this is his 4th year of FTC. Advaith looks forward to be able to build and program robots that could help the world. Role on the Team: Advaith is the main videographer and is a builder. At competitions, he works on scouting.

Alex Tharappel 2015

Alex Tharappel

Alex is a sophomore at Westview High School. Alex has done JFLL for 2 years and FLL for 3 years and this is his 4th year of FTC. It has been lots of fun so far! In Alex’s FLL experience the Lego Technos got to the national level and competed in California. Alex wants to learn more and wants to meet new people throughout. Role on the Team: Alex builds and is a lead on the Engineering Notebook team. At competitions, he is the coach on the drive team.

Bharath 2015

Bharath Namboothiry

Bharath is a sophomore at Westview High School. He is interested in mechanical engineering and robotics. He has been in FIRST robotics for almost a decade, starting off with JFLL in the first grade. Outside of FIRST he participates in MUN, Speech and Debate, Math Club, and World Scholars. Some of his hobbies include PC games and drumming. Role on the Team:  Since Hot Wired’s first season in 2013, he has been part of the build team, the drive team, and the programming team as well as partaken in outreach and marketing campaigns

Bradley Wang

Bradley Wang

Bradley is a sophomore at Sunset High School. His ambition is to go into the field of bioengineering when he gets to college. Outside of robotics, his hobbies are following the news and playing tackle football. He has done FIRST for 8 years and has participated in FTC for 4 years now. For this season, his goal is to try new roles on the team and take advantage of opportunities to help. Role on the Team: Bradley is a CAD/PTC designer as well as the president of the team’s non-profit organization.

Elaine Yang 2015

Elaine Yang

Elaine Yang is a sophomore attending Sunset High School. Outside of robotics, she participates in high-level mathematics and programming competitions, along with sleeping. This is her 3rd year of FIRST and FTC. Role on the team: Although Elaine mainly focuses on modeling in PTC and concept designing the robot, she contributes to building as well.

Rahul Reddy 2017

Rahul Reddy

Rahul is a 11th grader at Sunset High School.Some hobbies of his are building, redesigning, and driving fast R/C cars. FTC has helped him gain the ability to work in large groups, and collaborate efficiently with team partners. Role on the team: Rahul is a builder on the team, and one of the drivers on the drive team. Rahul also leads on robot repair activities.

Graduating Seniors and Former Team Members

  • Albert Chen
  • Steven Cen
  • Adam Barton
  • Varun Gopinatth

Mentors and Coaches

  • Zhunquin Wang
  • Kris Kolady
  • Mei Hong
  • Craig Barton

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