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The Robots

Our Robots for FIRST (FTC) First Tech Challenge

Every season (or year) we have a new challenge and a new robot designed for that challenge. The robot cannot be larger than an 18x18x18 inch cube and is built out of a kit of parts that every team starts off with. First Tech Challenge also allows you to add Custom Of The Shelf (COTS) Parts. The robot has to be designed to do 30 seconds of pre-programmed challenges and then two minutes of driver controlled period where you have several game tasks that you need to execute.

Here are some of our robots over the years.

Mammoth – Our Robot for Velocity Vortex (2016-2017)

Wolverine – Our robot for Res-Q (2015-2016)

ScorpionĀ – Our robot forĀ Block Party (2013-2014)