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Most Used Tools in our Toolkit

Quick Tip on our Most Used Tools

  1. Hand drill with hex key attachment – This is one of the most used tools in our tool kit. In fact, we have two of these handy at all times. They allow rapid assembly and disassembly that wouldn’t be possible with just a standard hex key during the build season, and they’re also invaluable tools during numerous crunch times to make vital repairs to the robot in the 3 minutes of break between matches at competition. We recommend a cordless model.
  2. Ratchet with hex bit or socket attachment  – Another great tool that to have in the toolbox. Like the hand drill, the ratchet also provides more possibilities for access to tight spots. It really shines when the torque end of a hex key would normally be required but there isn’t room to spin the hex key. That’s where the ratchet would come in, allowing for a quick way to loosen or tighten nuts or screws (depending on the attachment) as opposed to painstakingly resetting the hex key after every 30° turn.

Cutting the Hex Key

Looking for ideas on how to cut a hex key? Check out this video on how to do it with a Dremel cutter.

Tools Used in this Video

Here are some links to the parts used in this video on Servocity

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