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Hillsboro Reads Event

Outreach on Robotics at Hillsboro Library

We partnered up with the Hillsboro Library on the Hillsboro Reads Program to share our experiences to a variety of kids interested in robotics. The book they were highlighting through the program was was Spare Parts by Joshua Davis. The book follows four un-documented teenagers and their rise to the top of a college level robotics competition.

For this outreach, we started off by letting children play around with the ORTOP 3-D printed robots. These small robots had an attachment that picked up and dropped magnetic discs, and provided a captivating activity for the smaller kids. We then got into some videos on the FTC program (the challenge and how it works) and had our partially disassembled robot from last season to give a sense of what it looks like in real life.

Loridee from ORTOP provided an overview of the various FIRST Robotics programs available for elementary to high school kits. Questions were asked about other programs (many of the kids were JFLL and FLL age), so we gave a quick overview about all levels of FIRST. We concluded with letting the kids drive around a little more and answering questions parents had about getting involved.

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