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Getting Started With PTC Creo for FTC Teams

Why PTC Creo is an essential Tool for FTC

Target: Rookie Teams

PTC Creo can really help FTC Team in the following areas:

  1. Concept Design: Creo is great for concept design, and helps a lot in the early stages of the season when you are brainstorming ideas for the overall robot design as well as the design for key components. You can also use PTC Creo to perform many types of analysis on different concept models to test them out before building them.
  2. Engineering Notebook: Including screenshots of your concept designs, analyses, final model, and drawings from Creo in your engineering notebook is key to making it stand out. This provides great visuals and really strengthens your notebook as a whole, giving the judges more information about your design process.
  3. Judging: PTC Creo allows you to make animations/videos of your models moving and performing tasks. This is great during judging, because as you talk about your prototypes and ideas you can provide 3D visuals and even show off your robot with a well-made full-robot animation.

Video: Getting Started

Here is a quick video on why we love PTC Creo and to help you get started with Creo. It will cover the uses/benefits of PTC Creo when it comes to FTC, and it will show example of how we used Creo to test ideas for components of our robot.  There is also an example animation of our world championship robot from our first season that we used for Judging.

Types of Design, Analysis and Animation

PTC Creo is an industrial design and analysis software that can help you put your ideas to the test before physically building them. The following are some of the ways we have used Creo Parametric over the years:

  • Establishing Design Requirements from the Field
  • Packaging major components into the space of the robot
  • Center of Gravity to check if the robot tips over in different positions
  • Use of kinematic joints in the assembly to test whether the arm reaches to goals
  • Robot Animation Video to use for judging


Here are some links that will help you get get started and build a strong foundation in PTC Creo:

Thanks for checking out our “Getting Started with PTC Creo” post! We really believe that Creo is an extremely useful tool for FTC, and hope that this tutorial will help you get started on your way to making some impressive robotics models!


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